Injectable Dermal Fillers/Hyaluronic Acid

Injectable Dermal Fillers/Hyaluronic Acid

Cosmetic Treatments

Fillers are injectable therapies composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the skin.
Through the natural process of aging, there are losses in bone, fat, elastin, and collagen. These changes result in wrinkles, sagging of the skin, and hollowing in some areas of the face. Patients note these changes by feeling tired, sad or angry appearing, and generally feeling older. Dermal fillers are utilized to rebuild the scaffolding and structure in your facial anatomy, and can target dynamic movement zones to allow you to feel younger, refreshed, and more vibrant. Certain injectable treatments such as Skin Boosters can be used superficially into the skin for overall plumping and hydration.
The effects of dermal fillers can be seen immediately during the treatment with minimal downtime to follow.
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