So what’s with all the hype about sunscreen anyway? Science has proven that skin cancers including both non melanoma and melanoma skin cancers are affecting more and more people world-wide. We also have increasing evidence that these cancers are related to UV exposure. Further, we know that cosmetic changes on

Mr. Messy and his Telogen Effluvium

With the normal growth phases of the hair, it is considered normal to lose approx. 100 hairs per day. A sudden upset that throws your world for a loop (like everything we have been dealing with over the last few months) can turn the growth cycle of your hair into absolute chaos.

Treasure Hunting

We know that each patient we see in the clinic is as unique and precious as one of our treasured shells. We don’t believe that a bottled product on a shelf works for every consumer that buys it. Why? Because you are unique. So is your skin. And so too should your skincare.

Masks + Skin Conditions in the time of COVID-19

Thank you for wearing your mask. Thank you for protecting vulnerable persons around you. Masks are a part of our new normal. So let’s talk about how to keep your skin at its optimal health, even though no one else can see it hiding under there.

Where Laughter Meets Tears

In 2016, 6,800 Canadians were diagnosed with melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. 1200 of those diagnosed will not survive. The good news is, that if detected and treated early, the outcome can be excellent.